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Our powerful  COMBICAPS® technology offers the possibility to fill hard capsules with various combinations of technological forms, for example a combination of oils, oil and powder or pellets.


COMBICAPS® gives us the possibility to modify release of active ingredients according to our needs. Immediate release capsules are intended for drugs/supplements that need to be delivered into the body instantly. On the other hand, time released pellets/microtablets intend to slowly release their ingredients into the body over time.

pellets in oil 2.png

pellets in oil

Microtablets in capsule.png

microtablets in capsule

Liquid in capsule

liquid in capsule

pellets in capsule

pellets in capsule

Microtablets in oil.png

microtablets in oil

Coloured pellets in capsule (2).png

coloured pellets 

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